The Ski Club

Enjoy your skiing more ..... for less money.

When you become a club member you will be entitled to discounts on all lessons, open practice, shop purchases and savings on holidays.

The club organises a wide range of social activities throughout the year, catering for most people's tastes. From the taxing to the relaxing, you can ski all day and dance all night ..... if you have the energy!

Our club holidays are organised for every age and ability. You have the chance to ski in some of the best resorts at some of the keenest prices.

Skiing is without doubt a social sport, and a group holiday combines fun and excitement with the chance to meet and ski with other people. Should you run into any difficulty our own staff are on hand to help you.

Choose from a wide range of trips including Beginners and Improvers weeks, Snowboarding, Ski Safari, Family Weeks and specialised training courses.